Chevron’s Pascagoula Refinery Begins Base Oil Production

In July 2014, Chevron announced production has begun at Renkert supplies base oils produced at Chevron's Pascagoula, MS refinery. its new Group II Base Oil Plant in Pascagoula, MS. This addition to the refinery produces approximately 25,000 barrels per day of premium base oils, which are used in high-performance lubricants, including motor oils for consumer and commercial uses.

This is the third world-scale base oil plant with a single product slate, which allows Chevron the flexibility to supply its products worldwide.

Renkert Oil has been a key distributor of Chevron’s premium base oils and process oils worldwide for the last two decades.

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Renkert Oil Receives 100% Quality Approval from Fermi NOvA Project

Renkert Oil has completed the final delivery of blended scintillator for the Fermi NOvA project.

Renkert’s participation in this US government project was deemed a great success, with 100% quality approval and no rejections of more than 2.75 million gallons of ultra-pure scintillator fluid supplied. Renkert Oil blended the scintillator based upon our superior technical white mineral oil.

Learn more about this massive physics experiment on the Fermilab site.

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Renkert Delivers for Fermi NOvA Project

Renkert Oil began production deliveries of Fermi Lab NOvA project scintillator detector fluid November 5, 2012. The scintillator, which is used to detect neutrinos, is being installed in a very large detector in Ash River, MN.

Renkert Oil has been responsible for providing high purity Renkert produced this scintillator fluid for the Fermi NOvA project.mineral oil and blending it with Pseudocumene and various wave shifter powders and antistatic ingredients to produce the finished scintillator.

Extreme care is taken to produce a scintillator that meets NOvA’s stringent requirements. A dedicated facility was constructed in Hammond, IN, which precisely combines these components and prevents contamination. The end product is a scintillator fluid that is crystal clear but emits a blue glow from interaction with neutrinos.

This is a critical component in the massive Ash River detector. As the installation of the Scintillator ramps up to scheduled rates, Renkert will be shipping about 135,000 pounds per week to Minnesota.

Currently we have 1.6 million pounds of finished and approved scintillator in stock and will perform regular production blends to meet NOvA’s needs. We anticipate three years of production to complete this project.

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Renkert Oil Joins Neste Oil in Celebrating New Refinery

Neste Oil joint venture refinery in Bahrain.Renkert Oil congratulates a supplier, Neste Oil, on the successful start-up of its Bahrain refinery joint venture. The  plant produces Nexbase 3000 Group III high performance base oils.Nexbase 3043, a crystal clear base oil.

Nexbase 3043, a crystal clear base oil, is one of the products refined in Bahrain and available to Renkert customers.

Neste Oil Executive Vice President of Oil Products & Renewables, Matti Lehmus, met with Renkert’s Mark and Hanne Proudfoot at the Renkert Oil's Mark Proudfoot congratulates Neste Oil's Matti Lehmus.Neste Oil Seminar. The event was held at the February ICIS World Base Oils & Lubricants Conference in London.

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Renkert Wins FermiLab Contract

Renkert Oil has been awarded a three-year contract to supply high purity mineral oil to FermiLab for their $278 million physics experiment.

The oil is used in a large detector to be constructed in Minnesota. In total, 10,000 MT (3 million gallons) of oil will be used. Renkert Oil will provide the mineral oil out of their Riverdale, IL facility where tight control of properties allows the Renoil 70-T to meet FermiLab’s exacting standards. Very high clarity is required to ensure that the photocell detectors will be able to measure every neutrino collision in the detector.

In the project, the Fermi Accelerator in Batavia, IL will beam neutrinos through the earth to the Canadian border. There, the detector will measure how many and what “flavor” arrive at the destination (800 km). The project is designed to learn more about these hard to detect neutrinos.

The path of the neutrinos is shown below (as deep as 10 km below the Earth’s surface).

Renkert Oil supplies the Fermilab physics experiment.
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