Top 5 Amazing Benefits of Mineral Oil

White mineral oil is an odorless and colorless liquid that is a highly refined product of the crude oil refining process.  White mineral oil is a key ingredient for various products used in the cosmetic industry, baby oil and medicinal purposes among others.  NF/USP quality is regulated by the FDA and ensures medicinal/food grade purity and safety.

Many people are not aware of the benefits of white mineral oil, which is the main focus of this article.

1. Makeup Remover

The alkanes in mineral oil are quite effective at cutting through makeup oils and chemical mixtures. Gently applying mineral oil to your skin will wipe away the makeup without hurting your skin.  It also keeps your eyebrows and eyelashes healthy and soft.

2. Scalp Conditioner

White mineral oil manufacturers have long been producing mineral oil that is geared towards the cosmetic industry. This is the oil that is used in solving various problems associated with the scalp. It plays a significant role in the treatment of dry skin, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, and cradle cap.

Users are advised to apply the oil on the scalp and leave it overnight for best results. The oil helps loosen dry scales while at the same time reducing inflammation. Repeating scalp treatment two or three times is highly recommended for better results.

3. Nourish Dry Skin

Dry skin is a major problem among many people in the United States and Europe. Some people experience skin dryness in summer while others get it in winter. White mineral oil helps people with drying skin to stay smooth and soft. Skin dryness is a major health concern that if untreated could lead to medical conditions such as psoriasis.

Mineral oil distributors in the United States have highlighted that the oil is an effective emollient, which forms an oily layer on the skin that traps water improving skin hydration.  This moisturizing of dry skin helps it to heal more quickly.

4. Decrease Fine Lines

Premature aging is another major problem that is affecting a considerable number of people around the world. Exposure to sun, frost, ice, and unfavorable climatic conditions has caused many people to appear older than they actually are. Fine lines and scales on the face are one of the characteristics of premature aging.

Although there are several products and medical therapies that have been highlighted as major solutions to premature aging, mineral oil 70 continues to be one of the best solutions to early aging. The long term use of white mineral oil helps in softening the outermost layer of the skin. You may treat dark patches and fine lines with NF/USP white oil as recommended by your doctor.

5. Cutting Board Restorer and Rust Protection

White oils are used extensively in health and beauty applications, however, it is important to highlight that mineral oils have multiple benefits across various industries.  They are also useful in the kitchen renewing wooden cutting boards and of course as rust protection to kitchen knives.

White mineral oil has NF/USP quality for direct food contact and is absorbed quickly into dry wood cutting boards replacing oils that have been washed away over time.

Mineral oil helps in forming a protective shield on metal implements such as garden tools, knives, and lawn equipment thus preventing rust.  Coating metal equipment with mineral oils will extend their lifespan.

As the 3rd largest white mineral oil producer in the US, Renkert Oil is here to answer any questions you may have and help you understand the benefits for your application.

All About White Mineral Oil: Features and Applications

Throughout the United States, countless industries rely on white mineral oil suppliers to provide the materials needed for final production. Whether you work in the industrial sector, have your own cosmetics line, or operate a food processing plant, white mineral oil suppliers will likely play an essential role in your operations. But what exactly is white mineral oil and why is it used? We’ll answer some of the most common questions base oil suppliers receive pertaining to this type of oil in today’s post.

What Exactly is White Mineral Oil?

White mineral oil is a tasteless, odorless, and colorless liquid that’s used in a wide array of applications. White mineral oils have different chemical makeups and are generally complex in structures, but typically include mixtures of paraffinic, napththenic, and acrylic saturated hydrocarbons. Renoil White Oils, for example, are a mixture of saturated paraffinic and napthenic hydrocarbons. In general, mineral oil will usually contain between 15 and 40 of these hydrocarbons. Because of its lack of distinctive physical properties, white mineral oil can easily be used as an additive in any number of ways without compromising the color, scent, or flavor of the final product. It’s often used as a lubricating element, but it’s also utilized as a coolant, as a sealant, and as a binder in different applications.

What Are the Features and Benefits of White Mineral Oil?

Generally speaking, white mineral oil density is 0.86 grams per millimeter which is lighter than water at 1.0. The kinematic viscosity at 40°C ranges from 10 to 280 cSt. Alternatively, in Saybolt Universal Seconds (SUS) viscosity range is 60 to 1500 SUS at 100°F. White mineral oils are insoluble in water and are virtually free of oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur. Because of their high initial boiling point (420°C) and low flammability rating, these oils are not considered to be a fire risk.

One of the obvious benefits of white mineral oils is their versatility. They can be used in a wide range of applications (which we’ll discuss below) and can be added without compromising the quality of a product. Mineral oil has a high degree of purity, making them an attractive option for all kinds of products that require additional lubrication, sealing, binding, or other chemical additions but that cannot be changed by any ingredients that are added into the mix.

Another important advantage to highlight is their safety. White mineral oils are food grade, meaning that they meet standards outlined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and can be safely used in food and cosmetic production. In some cases, these oils can even receive kosher and halal certifications. Although all chemicals must be handled using the proper precautions, when mineral oil is utilized as directed, it is safe for use. As a bonus, it’s also non-comedogenic and will not support pathogenic bacterial growth.

How Are White Mineral Oils Used?

As we’ve mentioned, white mineral oils are extremely versatile and are safe for direct contact with food and skin. Therefore, they’re used in countless applications. These are just some of the ways white mineral oil can be used:

  • Food Processing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
  • Mechanics and Electronics
  • Automotive Applications
  • Fabric and Rubber Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Biotech and Laboratory Research

Whether you need a reliable dough divider agent and a way to keep food wrappings crisp in your factory or plan to develop a body lotion and a water-resistant makeup product as part of a new line, white mineral oil can be one of the most effective ways to accomplish your goals and to safeguard the quality of your product at the same time.

Now that you understand more about white mineral oil and how it’s typically used, you’ll be in a better position to make a decision pertaining to the products you need from your base oil suppliers. To learn more about what makes our Renoil White Oil an ideal solution for your business, please contact us today.

5 Common Misconceptions About White Mineral Oil

When it comes to lubricants and oils, it’s important to have the right information to prevent unplanned equipment shutdowns and product contamination. And because safety and productivity are both vital in the pharmaceutical and food industries and many others, it’s crucial to eliminate common misconceptions.

That said, consider the following five myths surrounding white mineral oil so you can feel confident the next time you place an order:

  1. White mineral oil is the same as any other oil. No two oils are the same. You wouldn’t choose high viscosity oils when your machines need low viscosity oils, and you wouldn’t opt for mineral oils when you need to order synthetics. Each oil is uniquely formulated for its application and regulatory requirements. White mineral oil, in particular, is designed to be food-safe whereas other oils aren’t.
  2. You can use industrial oils in food processing. There’s a common misconception that it’s okay to use industrial lubricants depending on whether the application is above or below the line. But industrial lubricants are still capable of reaching the food and beverages even if it’s used on the gearbox below the conveyor belt. This can be dangerous because these industrial lubricants can include lithium, barium, and black graphite.
  3. Black or blue oil is better than white oil. The color of the oil you’re using isn’t a key factor in selecting the oil for an application. What you do want to pay attention to is the viscosity, base, and thickener in the oil.
  4. Food-grade oils don’t work as well as other oils. Food-grade oils can be formulated using synthetics, which enables them to work well in high temperatures without compromising safety.
  5. All products are compatible. Just because your oil is food-safe doesn’t mean it’s compatible with other products. Oils are fabricated with various thickeners and there’s never a guarantee that two will be compatible. Always exercise caution when changing oils. Mixing food-grade with non-food-grade oils can create contamination issues.

Where can I find a white mineral oil supplier?

Not all oils are the same and can’t be used for every application. Oils in concentrations ranging from 1-99% are found in skin creams, lotions, body and face cleansers, lipsticks, vaselines, baby oils, and more. This makes white mineral oils safe for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic production.

If you’re looking for white oil manufacturers for high viscosity oils or low viscosity oils, Renkert Oil is the place for you. To learn more about our variety of high viscosity oils and performance lubricants, contact Renkert Oil today.