Our Products – Specialty Oils and Lubricants

As an industrial oil distributor, Renkert Oil delivers a complete line of premium products from world-class mineral oil companies, as well as specialty oils formulated by our engineers. Our products are for automotive applications, rubber manufacturing, dust control, gels, carrier oils, electrical insulating oil and more. Ask our experts to help you select the best product for your application.

Food Grade Oils

For cosmetic, pharmaceutical or food applications, rely on our ultra-pure white mineral oils. Ask about applications in food or food contact, animal feed, grain de-dust, technical white oils or as a plasticizer for polymeric substances.

Process Oils

Our high-performance process oils are clear choices for reducing production costs. Chevron’s ParaLux is ideal for TPE and EPDM rubber manufacturing. Renoil products offer increased viscosity and higher molecular weight to curb oil mobility.

GTL Isoparaffins

Shell Oil’s next-generation formulation fluid is a gas-to-liquid product designed for applications that require the highest purity. Among the synthetic isoparaffins’ uses are in cosmetics, food processing, plastics, rolling oils, aerosols, polishes and defoamers.

Base Oils

Begin with a pure Chevron base oil to blend your high-efficiency car motor oil, heavy-duty engine oil or transmission fluid. Learn more about our Group II and III base oils, plus Group I and naphthenic oils.

Transformer Oils

Get the ultimate in protection and extend your equipment life with Renkert’s Voltro™ electrical insulating oils. Voltro™ is made specifically for electrical insulating and cooling.