Chevron Base Oils

An authorized Chevron base oil distributor, Renkert Oil supplies quality products for high-performance engines and industrial lubrication.

Industry moving away from Group I oils

In recent years, stringent emission requirements have touched off a dramatic shift in the base oils market. Many blenders, including our customers, are replacing Group I oils with pure, stable Group II and Group III oils.

High-quality Chevron Group II and Group III Nexbase base oils:

    • purity to meet US and European technical standards
    • higher fuel economy
    • extended equipment life
    • better performance in cold temperatures
    • lower formulating costs

Full line of base oils

As a group II and group III base oil supplier, Renkert provides a complete lineup of Group II and III oils, as well as Group I and naphthenic oils.

Chevron Base Oils
Group II

By allowing blenders to reduce or replace Group I and Group III base oils, these versatile alternatives provide excellent value. Produced with Chevron’s patented technologies, Group II Chevron base oils stocks have exceptional oxidation stability, low volatility and are essentially sulfur free.


Chevron Group II base oil allows you to balance fuel economy with wear protection for large diesel engines.


Lower your formulating costs by blending with up to 100% of Group II/II+ base oils. With precise formulation, we can help you save money with no compromise in performance.

Industrial Oils

The purity and oxidation stability of Chevron’s Group II products extend oil life and improve performance dramatically. By fine tuning the blend, you can create the optimal combination of low cost and high performance.

Take a Video Tour

See the 2014 addition to Chevron’s global supply network. This state-of-the-art Mississippi refinery produces up to 25,000 barrels of premium, crystal clear base oil a day.

Chevron’s NEXBASE Oils
Group III

Chevron’s NEXBASE oils are used in high-performance engine oils and industrial lubricants. These premium oils are so pure and highly refined, they qualify to be labeled as synthetics.

Available as hydroisomerized API Group III base oils, they are designed for reliability in your most challenging conditions.

Benefits of NEXBASE oils

  • Fuel economy – dependable and economical performance even in difficult circumstances. Reduced flow resistance and low friction properties create low temperature fluidity and decreased fuel consumption.
  • Lower emissions – High oxidation stability, low evaporation and very low sulfur content for efficient operations and longer equipment service life. Significantly less exhaust emissions and particulates.
  • Improved efficiency – Meets stringent emission legislation and accommodates new catalytic converter technologies.
  • Higher performance – Several viscosity grades for high-performance engine oils and industrial lubricants.

Applications for Nexbase Base Oils

NEXBASE 3030, 3043, 3060 & 3080

    • High-quality engine oil formulations
    • Circulating oils, such as turbine oils
    • Hydraulic fluids
    • Gear oils
    • Transmission fluids

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