High Viscosity White Oils: Applications, Quality and Regulations

Oct 31, 2019 | Product Applications

High viscosity white oils are used across a wide range of industries. These mineral oils are highly refined and contain the properties that are warranted for many applications. Quality high viscosity white oils do not change in color, are hydrophobic, tasteless, colorless and odorless. However, getting the best in quality largely depends on the white mineral oil manufacturer you choose for your business.


There is a wide range of applications for high grade white mineral oil. It can be found in many products including:

  • Medical grade products
  • Compressor oils, plastic product production
  • Adhesives, TPE infant equipment and toys
  • As a lubricant for machinery that processes food
  • Baby oil, hair products, makeup remover, creams, lotions, makeups
  • Pharmaceutical preparations

This oil has high lubricating properties without any aroma, making it the perfect essential additive for food prep equipment, pharmaceuticals and more. Oil concentrations ranging from 1-99% are found in a huge range of products and equipment.

Quality Differences

There is a difference in the grades of high viscosity white oils you might find on the market. It is important that you use the white mineral oil supplier that has a reputation for trusted services to ensure that you get the right grade for your application.

The grade of the oil is determined by the hydrocarbon molecules present. Distillation removes the unwanted contaminants such as vanadium, benzene, sulfur, and lead to produce the higher pharmaceutical, food quality, and cosmetic-grade oil.

The distilling process is the most important piece of the puzzle, which is why your evaluation of supplier matters; you deserve a trusted source for your white mineral oil needs. Proper distillation delivers the high-quality grade that you need for your application. Some manufacturers take short cuts that result in lesser quality grades.

Strict Regulations

There are strict regulations when it comes to mineral oil grades. In the United States, the FDA oversees most of the regulatory requirements for food grade and pharmaceutical grade oils. For example, baby oil has to be of a food grade consistency, while pharmaceutical grade has to meet USP standards.

Ensuring that your white mineral oil can stand up to the highest standards starts with choosing a white oil supplier that takes pride in the quality of oil that they sell. Learn more about standards, grades, and proper selection by contacting us today.