Isoparaffins and Why They’re Different Than Other Solvents

Aug 25, 2020 | Product Applications

soparaffins—formally referred to as synthetic hydrocarbons—are some of the most versatile petroleum-based products on the market. Leading the innovation is Netherlands-based Shell Chemical, which found that isoparaffins are unique in their boiling range, evaporation rate and adaption to a variety of applications. Read on to learn more about isoparaffins and why they are different than other solvents.

Virtually odor-free and highly pure

To ensure the quality and consistency of their isoparaffins, Shell Chemical processes them with highly controlled methods and feedstocks. The purity of these petroleum-based products makes them safe for use in personal care, cleaning, and agricultural products. In addition to offering consumer safety, isoparaffins answer the call for biodegradable, environmentally sensitive solvents.

Because isoparaffins have little to no odor, they are especially useful in producing odor-free paints, home sprays, dry-cleaning products, and beauty products. Similarly, manufacturing workers and end users prefer handling odor-free products to reduce their risk of exposure to toxic VOCs.

High flash point with low viscosity

Isoparaffins, also known as gas to liquid oils, have tremendous technical benefits including their higher flash point (meaning lower flammability) and low viscosity. In applications such as metal solvent extraction, for example, Shell’s GS 215, 250, and 270 oils all offer high flash points, reducing the risk of fire. Additionally, isoparaffins have low viscosity, which gives them exceptional spreadability and flow capabilities. These easily pourable oils are ideal for formulating an array of liquid products, from home polishes to aerosol paints. Thanks to low surface tension, isoparaffins such as our Shell GS 1927 are chosen to make noncorrosive industrial cleaning products for cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.

These key distinctions make isoparaffins different from other solvents. Manufacturers use isoparaffins because they offer unique benefits compared to other solvents. But they must also determine if the products are high quality. Are they reliable and consistent? Are they the best option for the product formulation?

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