The Benefits of Neste Base Oils

May 28, 2020 | Renkert News

If you’re looking for oils that make excellent lubricants, look no further than Neste Group III base oils, sometimes referred to as Nexbase hydroisomerized base oils. Neste is known for producing premium oils that are the key ingredients in synthetic engine oils. We would strongly encourage you to invest in quality oils in your next order for several reasons.

Application and condition versatility

Neste’s base oils are commonly used in several applications, such as automotive, hydraulic, metalworking, and gear oils. Using Neste’s oils in your industry has one major benefit—they can withstand the demands and the environmental conditions of any industry. Due to their low temperature flow properties, Neste oils are excellent even in extremely cold temperatures. Their elevated flash point and viscosity index are superior to those of Group I and II base oils.

Improved fuel economy and overall efficiency

You’re probably wondering—how do Neste base oils benefit my organization? First and foremost, you’ll quickly find savings due to an increase in engine fuel economy, which is related to the oils’ low viscosity and volatility. Furthermore, Neste base oils are designed to meet performance expectations and regulations, which reduces emissions and improves efficiency. In other words, your base oils determine the quality and productivity of your operations, all while helping the environment.

Unmatched quality

Neste oils are arguably some of the top-rated in the industry. Their consistent purity can stand for itself; not to mention, the oil has lower viscosity and lower volatility, leading to low friction and longer-lasting quality. High-quality base oils can make an astounding difference in your company’s final product or service. These oils are so highly refined that they’re considered synthetic. With a quality base oil to work with, your products will perform better. Neste Group III base oils are the main components of API-certified, fuel-saving engine oils.

We’ve found several benefits of Neste base oils, and we continue to find more. We encourage your organization to begin investing in high-quality base oils and reap the advantage over mediocre oils. If you have questions, reach out to a trustworthy Group III base oil supplier such as Renkert Oil, which introduced Neste Group III base oils to America in 2003. Renkert Oil has over 30 years of success serving the market because our team is made up of top oil industry veterans. We can help you find exactly what your organization needs to operate smoothly, so contact us today for more information.