Process Oil Supplier Renkert Oil Honors Gregg Patnode For TPE Work

Apr 15, 2024 | Renkert News, Supply Security

Each year, the American Chemical Society (ACS) Rubber Division hosts a spring technical meeting to further its mission of uniting science and industry in the elastomer industry. 

Conference-goers range from academics to government representatives, from process oil suppliers to industry standouts. The goal is to connect and educate different industry players on important technical advancements in the field. 

At this conference, awards are also granted to those who have made significant contributions to their field. This year, Renkert Oil is proud to sponsor the 2024 Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award and to honor its esteemed recipient, Gregg Patnode. 

Recognizing Important Innovators

Just as the thermoplastic elastomer industry relies on quality process oils for the production of its diverse array of products, it also relies on the innovations and educational efforts of the field’s best scientists. 

That’s why, since 1991, the ACS Rubber Division has awarded a Chemistry of TPE award to a figure who contributed substantially to the development of the field, with an emphasis on commercial contributions and patents. 

Because they are so important for our field, Renkert Oil has sponsored the award since 2019. We are proud to add Gregg Patnode to the ranks of Dr. Timothy Long, Dr. Lewis Fetters, Dr. Takashi Inoue, and Dr. Glenn Fredrickson, whom we have recognized in years past. 

Gregg Patnode’s Work and TPE Process Oil Applications

3M and Consulting

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota in 1986, Patnode began a distinguished career at 3M. His time there allowed him to innovate in a variety of fields related to TPEs including: 

  • Surgical Products, 
  • Traffic Control Materials, 
  • Optical Systems, 
  • Materials and Supply Chain Operations, and
  • Transportation Safety. 

Elastomer and thermoplastic elastomer-based adhesives are one of Patnode’s specialties, and some of the products he has contributed to include many kinds of tapes (outdoor masking, vinyl electrical, pavement marking, etc.), flex and seal products, and films. He is associated with 23 different patents

During his time at 3M, he also did research on the supply implications of raw materials, examining how formulations adjusting styrene levels and molecular weight distribution can either reduce or exacerbate supply chain disruptions. Developing alternate formulations provides a high-tech tool to successfully manage supply issues. 

In 2023, he started Patnode Adhesive Consulting, LLC to focus on advising clients on issues like materials selection and manufacturing operations in the pressure-sensitive adhesive industry. 

In addition to his technical contributions, Patnode is recognized in the field for his leadership. This includes mentorship of younger coworkers and 3M Young Scientist Challenge competitors as well as many courses, lectures, and presentations throughout his career. 

TPE Process Oils

One of the keys to developing an effective TPE adhesive is using a process oil with the right characteristics. A stable, low-volatility process oil can extend product volume and function as an extender in adhesive applications without changing color or other characteristics. 

Using TPEs in these products can help lower costs without lowering quality. Combined with the insights of scientists like Gregg Patnode, the number of uses of process oils, and the importance of using high-quality ones, will continue to increase, both in the adhesive industry and in other fields. 

Renkert Oil also shares Mr. Patnode’s concern with supply security, developing products and processes to ensure fast and reliable delivery to all our customers. Deep inventories and redundant supply points help us respond to unforeseen circumstances, like natural disasters and demand fluctuations, without a hitch. 

Renkert Oil Provides Process Oils to Innovators

It will be Renkert Oil’s privilege to present the Chemistry of Thermoplastic Elastomers Award to Gregg Patnode at this year’s ACS Rubber Division spring conference

If you’re there, stop by our booth! We would love to build connections with other innovators who can use our quality process oils to their highest potential. 

You can also partner with Renkert Oil by reaching out to us online. We hope to hear from you soon!