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5 Common Misconceptions About White Mineral Oil

When it comes to lubricants and oils, it’s important to have the right information to prevent unplanned equipment shutdowns and product contamination. And because safety and productivity are both vital in the pharmaceutical and food industries and many others, it’s crucial to eliminate common misconceptions.

That said, consider the following five myths surrounding white mineral oil so you can feel confident the next time you place an order:

  1. White mineral oil is the same as any other oil. No two oils are the same. You wouldn’t choose high viscosity oils when your machines need low viscosity oils, and you wouldn’t opt for mineral oils when you need to order synthetics. Each oil is uniquely formulated for its application and regulatory requirements. White mineral oil, in particular, is designed to be food-safe whereas other oils aren’t.
  2. You can use industrial oils in food processing. There’s a common misconception that it’s okay to use industrial lubricants depending on whether the application is above or below the line. But industrial lubricants are still capable of reaching the food and beverages even if it’s used on the gearbox below the conveyor belt. This can be dangerous because these industrial lubricants can include lithium, barium, and black graphite.
  3. Black or blue oil is better than white oil. The color of the oil you’re using isn’t a key factor in selecting the oil for an application. What you do want to pay attention to is the viscosity, base, and thickener in the oil.
  4. Food-grade oils don’t work as well as other oils. Food-grade oils can be formulated using synthetics, which enables them to work well in high temperatures without compromising safety.
  5. All products are compatible. Just because your oil is food-safe doesn’t mean it’s compatible with other products. Oils are fabricated with various thickeners and there’s never a guarantee that two will be compatible. Always exercise caution when changing oils. Mixing food-grade with non-food-grade oils can create contamination issues.

Where can I find a white mineral oil supplier?

Not all oils are the same and can’t be used for every application. Oils in concentrations ranging from 1-99% are found in skin creams, lotions, body and face cleansers, lipsticks, vaselines, baby oils, and more. This makes white mineral oils safe for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic production.

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